Show Age - Family & Descendant View

Discussion in Announcements Forum started by TPSupport, Nov 17, 2020
Added living people's age to the Family View and the Descendant View. This will show only if your privacy settings allows birth dates to be displayed and the visitor has the correct credentials.
Hi, we use Non-Gregorian calendars (Persian calendar) and there isn't in this platform.

For example the birth days in our family tree are in range of 1300- 1400 (Persian calendar) which is equal to 1920-2020.

People do use Gregorian calendar and because of that there is hug mess in birth days and dead day in our family tree.

would you please add Non-Gregorian calendars like another platforms? (Islamic, Persian, Hebrew, Thai solar, Japanese)

Now Age doesn't show in our family tree because all birth and dead are in 1300-1400.

If you need more information please let me know.


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