Profile Photo - Automatic Tagging

Discussion in Announcements Forum started by TPSupport, Sep 10, 2020
We have begun the process of going through all your uploaded photos and automatically detecting and tagging faces. We will use these faces beside names in certain views (Tree, Ancestor, Descendant, Newsletter etc)

We are not using face recognition. We only detect the location of a face in a photo and see if we can assign that face to a name. We use the names that you have already attached to the photo. If there is only one face in a photo it is easy to just assign it to the connected name. If there are two faces we use the gender to determine the match. Otherwise we do not attempt to match names to faces.

We will not be doing this to all the photos. Only the main (favorite) photo associated with each name. This will take a while, we have millions of photos to process.

You can manually assign names to faces by "editing" photos.