Auto Detection & Tagging of Faces

Discussion in Announcements Forum started by TPSupport, Jul 21, 2020
When you "edit" a previously uploaded photos that you had associated with one or more names, TribalPages will automatically detect faces and attempt to connect the Faces with those Names. It uses detected features like Age and Gender to attempt the match the Face to the Name. This matching is only performed if there are one or two faces and names. You may manually Tag detected faces that were not automatically tagged.

In order to help you Tag faces on previously uploaded photos, we have added a new sort category "Face Detection Candidates" in the Photo page of each Album. You need to be signed in as Administrator to use this feature.

[1] Log in as Administrator

[2] Pick "Photos" under "Media" in the menu.

[3] Click on an Album.

[4] Choose "Face Detection Candidates" in the sort selection.

[5] Click "edit" on any photos photos that have the Tag icon.

Dawn Kirkpatrick
I do not like this feature. I have a picture of family members attached to one person and Tribalpages automatically tagged the wrong person. I was notified by the granddaughter of this error but I hadn't noticed that Tribalpages was doing this so I had to figure out how to correct it. I have since come across a few of these errors.