Fixed: Upload photos for Stories

Discussion in Announcements Forum started by TPSupport, Dec 9, 2019
There was a glitch in the system that prevented uploading and attaching photos from the "Edit Story" page. When you sign in as administrator and click the "Photos" button associated with a Story, you are taken to a form when you can either attach existing photos to the story or upload a new photo. Upon clicking the upload button the application uploads the photo from your computer but fails to attach it to the story. This has been fixed.
Constantly asking you. What effect has this on the Text.Story

You cannot place the Photograph anywhere.

If you have two large Paragraphs how do I get Photograph one below Text one, and photograph two below text two.

If this cannot be done what is the point.

HOPEFULLY someone from Tribal Pages should be able to give the answer URGENTLY.