Family Tree: Tree View

Discussion in Announcements Forum started by TPSupport, Oct 14, 2019
Fixed glitches and redesigned the Tree view. The new design works better than before with mobile device (tablets).

[*] Male and Female names are color coded

[*] The add family drop down is replaced by a popup dialog box with color buttons to add Father/Mother/Brother/Sister/Son/Daughter or Spouse/Partner.

[*] This popup dialog also shows existing Siblings/Children/Spouses of the selected person.

[*] Cosmetic issues with the form to add a new name has been fixed.

[*] The drop down list to select an existing name has been replaced with a auto-complete search box.

[*] The Zoom/Pan button has been replaced with a navigation widget fixed in the bottom right of the screen. There is a Home button to recenter the Tree.

[*] The Zoom works more smoothly with the mouse scroll wheel.

[*] Glitch that prevented the full-screen button has been fixed.