Admin access based on family line

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Hi Everyone,

i'm currently building our family tree. Once I've built this I would like to invite a few of my family members to maintain their family line that way the responsibility of keeping it update is shared. I was wondering if there is a capability in Tribal Pages where we can give admin access based on family lines i.e they can only edit the family line they belong to and not others. For example my cousin can make edits for his parents and his children but not for mine.

If not how do you all try to keep the family tree updated? It is a big task to have one person maintaining all the info and also risky to have too many admins who could make unwanted changes.

Robert Burns
Suggest you make separate trees for each separate family line each containing the same connection to one family only.

ie John Smith and Mary Jones, singular family. Sam Smith, John Smiths father, one tree off shoot and Harry Jones, Mary Jones Father, another tree off shoot.

This still doesn't prevent them from getting the same people in your tree but they would not be able to change your tree.

On, you can add separate trees as well as your own. I have done this with 4 separate friends. I give them access and they have the ability to maintain them.