Leslie Vye-Parminter

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Alan Scott
Leslie Vye-Parminter

A tree was set up in Tribalpages.com on 26th January 2003. The owner was Leslie Vye-Parminter. His tree "The Vye-Parminter Tree". That is almost 20 years ago and over the years members, and Tribalpages as a Company, owe so much to Les for his ideas, assistance and comments. Not everyone always liked his straight forward, to the point comments , but, there is no doubt , without his help many members would never have fixed a problem or improved the appearance of their site. Without Les, Tribalpges.com would probably never have added many of the features that exist today. Also if it was not for Les telling Tribalpages management about faults in the system many problems would have just continued on over time.

Present members don't always get the support from Tribalpages that is needed or expected. That's not knew, but Les was always there to help. At least in the past Les's help and replies to members were added to forum quickly.

I corresponded with Les, both privately and in Forum for about 14 years and one would think it was his own Company with the effort he put into helping. His knowledge of Tribalpages system was remarkable. Indeed as I said earlier many of the features taken for granted these days came from Les's idea's which he passed on to Tribalpages owner and management. One only needs to read the comments in his "Guest Book" to understand what he did. Go to "HOME" and "GUEST BOOK" in the main heading on his home page to read entries going back to 2003.

Unfortunately we will never have Les's direct help again. He passed away last Boxing Day. However his site is still here in TRIBALPAGES with "WELCOME TO HIS WORLD" where "LES ALWAYS TRIED TO HELP".


Also thank you Pam and your family for assisting Les to do so much for members. Our deepest sympathy and condolences to you all.
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Robert Burns
Thanks for the tribute for Les. He truly deserves it.