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I have been doing genealogy research for over 50 years.  Between my wife and myself, we have 24 immigrant ancestors.  Margaret WUNDERLE is the last one I need to trace to her hometown and document her birth.  I attach my wife's ancestor tree. 

I do not have any specific information that Margaret WUNDERLE came from Gernsheim, Germany.  However, I think she was related to other WUNDERLE families who came from Gernsheim.

The Dubuque Daily Times 1871 obituary for Mrs. Xavier REINFRIED [Margaret WUNDERLE] says she "was a native of Germany, and came west at an early age, reaching St. Louis in 1830.  In 1832 she removed to the then small and insignificant village of Dubuque, and has remained here ever since."

Not quite true -- the 26 July 1835 baptismal record for her child Margaret is in St. Patrick Church records, Strip District, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (sponsors:  Georg WUNDERLE & Margaret WUNDERLE).  The baptismal records for most of her other children are in St. Mary Church records, Dubuque, Iowa.

I think sponsors "Georg WUNDERLE & Margaret WUNDERLE" is wrong.  I think "Margaret" should be "Magdalena"?  Here are records from the U.S. Censuses for Pittsburgh:

1840 Census, Allegheny Twp, Armstrong Co, PA -- John "WANDERLY" (age 20-30), female (15-20).

1850 Census 4th Ward, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., PA -- George ("blacksmith”) & Magdalena “WUNDERLEE” (ages 37, born “Germany”), Kunz (14), Magdalena (12), Barbara (10), all born “Pa”; 4 adults – N. HINTZ? locksmith (26), Anton EBERT? blacksmith (25), Joseph ZEFEL? blacksmith (30), Ferdinand SHEETZ blacksmith (30), all born “Germany”.

1860 Census 4th Ward, Allegheny City, Allegheny Co., PA -- G. & M. “WONDERLY" (ages 57(?), born “H Darmstadt”), “blacksmith”; daughter “D” ( female 19, born “Penn”); M. Hentz (male, 30, laborer) “Darmstadt”, C Hentz (female, 23, born “Darmstadt”, B Hentz (female, 3, born “Penn”), L Hentz (female, 1, born “Penn”), “E. Bowen” (female, 12, born Byren? G.”)

Georg & Magdalena [b. HINZ] WUNDERLE were married 15 May 1831; and immigrated to the U.S. 16 May 1831.

Georg was a brother of Christine WUNDERLE (b. 26 November 1805), who was married to Johann WITT, 07 January 1830; and immigrated to the U.S. 16 May 1831. 

Margaret  WUNDERLE was born about 03 November 1815.  According to her 1871 gravestone she was "55 years, 6 months, and 6 days old":  


In the 1850 U.S. Census she is listed as 35 years old, born in "Germany".  In the 1860 Census -- "Hesse".  In the 1870 Census -- "Hesse-Darmstadt".

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