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I'm trying to make a connection and get the right information on my dad's mom I thought her name was joy tucker but now I find it to be joy holt . Any leads or info please email me.
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The Hendrix family.

Elbert Sr's parents were Charles Dee Hendrix & Rebecca Long.

Here is the family in the 1910 census. Elbert is mis-transcribed as "Eltert". Note he has a sister May who is a couple of years older.

1910 census:


Here are Elbert and Joy married in the 1930 census. They are living next door to their parents, Charley D & Rebecca Hendrix. The census states Joy was 17 when they married and Elbert was 21. This would put the marriage in 1926 or 1927 depending on when the marriage was in relationship to their birthdays.




In 1940 Elbert(listed as Bert) and Joy with their children are living with his parents.

1940 census:

Elbert & Joy on Find A Grave linked to their children.


Joy never married a Holt. She married Elbert at age 17. Elbert's sister May, I mentioned from the 1910 census, married a Mitchell Holt. I think this is where Holt confusion comes from? May died in 1941, Elbert was the informant on the death certificate.



Joy's parents were John A Tucker and Mary Richie.

Here is Joy in the 1910 census with her mother and siblings. Her mother Mary is listed as widowed. Her husband must have died just after Joy was born or while her mother was still carrying.

1910 census:

A tree at Family Search for Joy Tucker's family


Tree for Charles Dee Hendrix.


Hope this helps