using pen drive to download data

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PLEASE REPLY SOMEONE! ANYONE ! they don't reply to email. I don't think any one is in charge of this website anymore; no help; no info. I just want to know this: If I buy the pendrive of my TP tree, and leave TP, can I use that pendrive in future to download all the info back into TP in the future, including photos on it etc? I have completed all I can in my tree of 650 people, so do not want to pay sub ad infinitum .
Roderick Janes
This (copied below( is how Tribal Pages markets their DVD and Flash Drive. As far as I can see, photos are included

Get a complete copy of your family tree website to keep forever or to give as a gift. If you like your website at TribalPages you will love the DVD and Flash Drive. They will contain your entire website and can be viewed on any computer without connecting to the internet. This includes every page and picture and will look and feel exactly like your website.

Family, Ancestor and Descendant Views for every name

Printable Reports: Ancestor, Descendant and Family Group Sheets

Photos and Albums

Birthday and Anniversary Events

Stories, Sources and Citations

Makes a great holiday gift for you or your loved ones.

bill thomason
I know it may be a bit late for you but I`ve only just read your message,the answer is YES,YES,YES, download your tree to a Flashdrive /Thumbrive/pendrive/disc and you will have all your tree plus photos....if you are worried about doing it the BACK UP ALL YOUR PHOTOS FIRST and then do it,you won`t be dissappointed.

Take care, Bill.