Hiding specific people

Discussion in Technical Forum started by Townes, Jul 17, 9:25 AM
My question is if there is a way to mark specific individuals as Private in Tribal Pages? I can't find that on profiles. I want the site to be public but no Living members shown.

My problem is that I am using Legacy to develop my Family Tree and then uploading the GED file to Tribal Pages. (Paid membership.) Legacy handles each person separately, in terms of "Alive" status. But it is arbitrary and does not correlate to whether there is death date. So some dead people have a status as Alive in tribal Pages.

.I want to be able to export GED file to tribal Pages when I update it, but then it marks a lot of dead people as Alive and I have to change status for them manually on Tribal Pages. Which is a pain.

Since the tree is mostly dead ancestors, a workaround would be to set the few living ones to "Private in Tribal Pages. Is there a way?

Tim Hobson
Hi Townes,

Have a look at "ToolsPrivacyChoose Your Privacy Level" where you can set what is viewable to the various types of access you have set.

Good luck,