Discussion in Technical Forum started by Leigh Winn, Aug 31, 2021
Leigh Winn
This site is no longer credible. It allows pages to breach its own privacy policy, allows pages to publish false and misleading information and certainly a waste of time trying to contact anyone because no one ever gets back to you.
Alan Scott
Could you provide more details and actual examples of what you say. I have not had any problems of the kind you indicate in my tree. By now most members should be well aware that Tribalpages Support seldom answer anyone. That's not new. If information on a page is false it would normally be due to what the tree owner publishes and its over to the owner to get their tree data accurate. This applies to all family history sites like Tribalpages.

If you are correct regarding privacy then that would be of considerable concern to me and all members. That would be a major matter. Members can adjust their privacy settings to suit their own requirements in "edit" and under "privacy settings". Are you finding a problem with that ?.

I agree and understand the frustration about never getting an answer from TB support, but could you explain what you mean about breach of privacy, and publishing false and misleading information? I'd like to understand the problem.