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Build your Free Family Tree website online. Invite friends and family to view or update your site. Each private and secure website is loaded with Photos, Charts, Reports, Maps, Relationships, Events and Stories. Just add names of your relatives or import a GEDCOM file and instantly create your website. Your site can create custom newsletters for each member with birthday and anniversary reminders, recent site activity and send them out every two weeks.
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Over 350,000 Private and Secure Family Tree Websites. 50 Million Names.
Upload Photos or have your family email them directly to your website. Attach photos to names and TribalPages will add them to your charts.
Ancestor, Descendant and Family Charts for each name. Family Trees will also contain printable Reports, Maps and a handy Relationship finder tool.
Publish and share your family stories. Send customized newsletters to family members with birthday and anniversary reminders for their close relatives.
Invite friends and family to view or update your family history. You can set your privacy level to include an access code that visitors must enter.
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Website Features

Charts and Reports
TribalPages automatically generates Ancestor, Descendant and Family Charts for each name in your site. Detailed printable Reports are also produced.
Privacy & Security
Separate passwords for site administrators and visitors. For privacy you can hide some or all the information of Living Persons in your website.
Import Family Trees
Family trees you can imported the file directly into your website as GEDCOM files.
Genealogy Maps
Where Did We Come From? Where Did This Family Live? Where Did They Go? Ancestor, Descendant and Family Maps provide a unique graphical view.
Birthday and Event Calendar
Keep track of upcoming Birthdays and Aniversaries. You can maintain contact information like email, addresses and phone numbers.
Family Newsletters
Your website will automatically send newsletters to each member of your family. The newsletter is customized for that member and contains information like birthday reminders and recent pictures of only close relatives of that person.

TribalPages was founded in July 2000. TribalPages will not sell, share or disclose your data with any third party. You, the owner of your site, decide who can see or modify your site. We offer you several options by way of privacy settings to enable you to achieve the fine control of your website. Websites can be free or members can pay an annual fee for more space and advanced features.