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  Author: Robert Burns   Date: Feb 11, 2:06 PM
  In Reply To: DNA Testing as a Newbie  by: paul

I took a DNA test years ago and what I found out is that the results are quite misleading.

Remember, the results are based on the number of people that have actually supplied DNA in each country, so if 500 people in Ireland supplied DNA and 5000 supplied DNA in England, the results will probably give you a higher percentage of matches in England even though your family may have originated in Ireland. So you can't say "Yea I'm English". You're really Irish.

Remember, the migration of people has a lot to do with your results also. If your family originates in Ireland and the majority migrates to England, and prospers there, but the remaining Irish dwindle, your results will show you're English when in fact you are Irish.

So your results do not show you your original nationality only where the majority of your DNA now lives.

Also out of the hundreds of possible relatives they found for me, only one had a last name of Burns.

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