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  Author: Robert Burns   Date: Feb 11, 1:43 PM
  In Reply To: Permelia Waldo Gross  by: Dorothy Varnell

Found her on Find-a-grave:


(history there you may not be aware of)

Found Marshall on Find-a-grave:


(history there you may not be aware of)


Found her on Ancestry search:

Permelia Waldo Gross

Birth 18 OCT 1835 • Kentucky

Death 4 DECEMBER 1916 • Jack County, Texas, USA

Spouse & Children

Marshall H. Comstock 1828–1885

(also was married to Susan Rupe 1825–1855)

Boullin Franklin Comstock 1856–1945

Sarah Elizabeth Comstock 1858–1892

William G. Comstock 1860–1890

Thomas T. Comstock 1866–1893

Felix W. Comstock 1869–1936

Charles Marshall Comstock 1872–1955

John Todd Comstock 1873–1958

Ada May Comstock 1878–1964

Sorry, but can't seem to find anything about Permellias family.

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