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  Author: Lee Morgan  Homepage   Date: Jan 28, 6:25 AM
  In Reply To: Lee Morgan  by: Stevie Cornford


Not sure if you will recall the conversation re Houghton/Sheppard/Lowe.

I linked up with my half sister and was hoping to meet her but unfortunately this didn't materialise. On a more positive note I did manage to contact cousins whom I'd never met.

I do apologise I'm a bit of a forgetful dinosaur so tend to look at sites to recall/ search names.

The main reason I started a family tree was to see if there was a connection between myself and my partner. My grandmother was lily Houghton my partner is angela Houghton. So when I think I have another link I tend to go back and check sites to see if they are listed anywhere. At the moment I've hit a brick wall with the father of George Houghton b.1810. Believe father is Richard. Trying to see if Richard is the same as son of Uriah Houghton.

Hope this makes sense.


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