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  Author: Dorothy Varnell  Homepage   Date: Jan 18, 3:37 PM

Permelia is my great-grandma on Mom's mother's side. I have searched and searched for Permelia's parents, to no avail. What I do know about her is she was born somewhere in Kentucky, on Oct. 18, 1835, married (or shacked up with) Marshal H. Comstock in about 1853 in either Missouri or Kansas, had 9 kids, and passed on Dec. 4, 1916, in Jack Co., Texas, had lived there and in Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas, what she looked like and was arthritic. I even have a couple of pieces of her jewelry, handed down to me by Mom. But I don't recall anybody in the family mentioning any siblings she may have had, or her parents, or really too much of anything about her. According to the 1900 Census her parents came from Virginia, but I also learned a long time ago how inaccurate such info on censuses can be, but used it anyhow and came up with nothing there. I found several families named Gross living in Kentucky at the right time, but can make no corrections. If anybody can help me find out who Permelia's folks were, I'd be mighty appreciative. Thanks in advance for your time and effort! - DorothyV.

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