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  Author: Cliff Deulley   Date: Jan 17, 12:37 PM

I am trying to find information about my biological grandfather JAMES YOUNG EMERY. This is the information I have so far:

• Born 27 December 1903 in Stanley, County Durham, England

• Census 1911 England parents Thomas Fenwick Emery and Catherine Emery brothers Thomas William Emery b 1896, Ernest Emery b 1898, Percy Emery b 1900

• He came to the United States August 1913 with his mother and two younger brothers on the ship Mauretania from Liverpool to New York

• The census of 1920 shows him living in California, Washington County, Pennsylvania with his parents and brothers Ernest and Percy

• He married Arline E White 6 March 1928 in Springfield, Clark County, Ohio. The marriage license shows that his residence is Detroit, Michigan

• James and Arline had a child Phyllis Emery (Oct 1928 in Springfield, Ohio-July 1961 in Springfield, Ohio)

• Arline Emery was living in Springfield, OH with her parents and without her husband for the 1930 census but showed that she was married

• The City Directory for Springfield, OH in 1939 shows Arline Emery to be the widow of James

• The 1940 census shows Arline Choquette living with her mother and daughter Phyllis Emery and married with no husband in the household

• On 3 January 1952 Arline Emery married Frank Wolfe in Wayne County, Indiana. She stated that she had been married one time and that marriage was dissolved by death in 1928

Any information about the death of JAMES YOUNG EMERY or his residence between the 1920 census and his death would be helpful.



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