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  Author: Leslie Ann Blumer  Homepage   Date: Jan 2, 3:29 PM

I'm looking for information on the parentage of Henry Blumer, born about March of 1827 in Switzerland. He was married to Hyppolita Tschudi, who was born about December 1835 in Switzerland, about 1861. In the year 1900 Hyppolita Tschudi-Blumer is reported to be the mother of four children, of whom 4 are living. As of now, Casper Blumer, who was born December 24, 1862, in Florence [?], Switzerland, and Jacob Blumer, who was born January 1866-1870, in Glarus, Switzerland. I do not have any more information on the children of Henry Blumer or Hyppolita Tschudi at this time. I am also looking for any information regarding this union. Thank you in advance for any assistance you may offer me in the completion of these tasks.

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