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  Author: paul   Date: Dec 29, 3:56 PM

Have you set yourself targets or goals for your family history research for 2018?

If not, now is the ideal time to review your work, review what you have already achieved and set yourself some new targets and goals for the next twelve months.

I always like the idea of goals or targets, it keeps you focused and gives you something to aim for. Having said that, there is nothing I like better than deviating off on a new venture, so although it’s good to set goals, don’t be too rigid with what you set out to achieve, allow some “wriggle room” for something that grabs your attention.

Last year when I set myself some goals for 2017, I never for one minute envisaged that I would be here writing a blog, that was never on the agenda for 2017, but here we are now, so a flexible approach can always reap you benefits.

The key thing to remember is don’t over commit yourself, there is also a life outside of family history, well I assume there is?? So don’t set yourself unrealistic targets and likewise don’t beat yourself up too much, if you don’t achieve everything on your list.

So my list for 2018 looks something like this:

I have recently completed a DNA test with Ancestry, the next step for me and on my “to do” list is, to upload my data in as many places as possible and to hopefully make contact with some “new cousins”.

Second on my list is to make a visit to a military cemetery of one of my ancestors overseas, I have two trips in mind, Gallipoli or Ypres.

Another must for me this year is to make a third trip back to Dublin, but this time with the added incentive of meeting my Dublin Daniels family for the very first time, something that I am really excited about doing.

I also hope to continue with one of my new passions, blog writing, both for Family Tree Magazine and of course my own personal blog.

The last item on my list is to knock a couple of brick walls down, which is the ambition of all budding genealogists!

What's your Genealogy goals for 2018? https://chiddicksfamilytree.wordpress.com/2017/12/29/whats-your-genealogy-goals-for-2018/ via @chiddickstree

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