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  Author: Robesur   Date: Dec 9, 10:03 AM
  In Reply To: Re:Anna Maria Quatermass  by: Edward Brooke

The death in Dec.1854 presumably relates to the Anna Maria Quatermass whose birth was registered in the March quarter 1854 although the GRO index gives her age at death as 11 years, which I expect should read 11 months. The death certificate will probably confirm that but in 1854 it will not give an exact date of birth.

There was no birth registration in 1856 but there was a second birth registered in Bethnal Green, Sep.1855, 1c, 220. A copy of that certificate will give details of the parents. I cannot see Anna Maria Quatermass on any census but there is a marriage under that name in the West Ham district Sep.1885, 4a, 184, her probable partner being an Alfred Irwin. on the 1891 census there is an Alfred Irwin with wife Anna (or Anny) M and 3 children at 4 Alderney Road, Mile End.

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