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  Author: Wayne barlow  Homepage   Date: Nov 23, 5:49 AM

I am looking for any info on my 5x great grand parents:

James Croft born 13/03/1757 AYSGARTH YORKSHIRE

died 20/04/1820 OHIO U.S.A.

His dad James Croft 1720-1800

His mother Margret Temple 1722-1784??

Also info on Elizabeth Croft nee Hutchinson b1758 married James Croft 09/01/1786 YORKSHIRE died 03/07/1838 EAST FAIRFIELD, FRANKLIN, VERMONT, U.S.A

I can find info on them in YORKSHIRE but no real info after they leave for U.S.A no sail date or passenger list or where they landed. Thanks to anyone that can help.

Bye the way does any one know what the MILLENIUM FILE IS OR ABOUT

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