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  Author: Colleen Sharpe   Date: Nov 21, 12:53 PM
  In Reply To: Re:Family Tree  by: Robesur

Yes you are right Robesur it was my mistake sorry about that.

This is what I found out about the Richard Sharpe who I am looking for:

IP# C750034. SF# 498966. Collection India Births & Baptisms. V. 32 Pg.117.

He was an illegitimate son of Private Richard Sharp of the HM's 11th Dragoons. He was baptised at Meerut by Chaplin J.C.Proby, alongside two other illegitimate children fathered by the soldiers of the same regiment. BL Ref: N/1/32/117.

I wonder if this would help in getting some information.

Sorry for giving the wrong infomation and wasting y0ur precious time.

Best regards


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