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  Author: Cheryl   Date: Sep 8, 12:19 AM
  In Reply To: Problem with TP Delivery Email Address  by: Linda May Rumble

I have the same issue. Discovered it this week. The photos were not appearing in my email photo album. I had not tried emailing photos in a long time and wondered if I had missed something or forgot how. I keep my email address in my contacts for easy access.. I wondered if my email had changed and I missed seeing a notice. Today when I attempted to email photos, I received error message "The email account that you tried to reach does not exist."

Also, for a while, when logging in to my admin page, I was seeing a notice that my newsletters were bouncing back to TP and I was asked to confirm my email address. I confirmed it a number of times but the notice still kept appearing when I logged in and I was still not receiving newsletters. Just today, mysteriously, I received the first newsletter that I have received in a long while. And the notice when logging in has now gone away.

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