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  Author: Edward Brooke  Homepage   Date: Jul 9, 10:03 AM
  In Reply To: Re:FORUMS USELESS  by: Les

Thanks Alan. My 92nd birthday was a fat index finger typo for 91. I aged a year younger overnight?

I think Forum is way beyond a joke. It is not free. We are paying for its maintenance and are entitled to a better service.

3 or 4 years ago never a day passed without a couple, or more, research posts appearing on the Genealogy page. I don't think we have had one in the last week and that is probably because fewer people are accessing Forum. At one time Forum was a great advertising medium for TP but now it is no longer so.

I also believe your immediate response was pure luck and that TP's tardiness has invited the unfortunate aggression shown in some recent postings.

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