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  Author: Linda May Rumble  Homepage   Date: Jul 8, 10:33 AM
  In Reply To: Re:Forum Hopeless  by: Fernando `Danny` Gil

Hello Danny,

Thanks for responding - your reply is noted.

I am sorry - I thought you were targeting my message of complaint to TP on this thread... a complaint that is still awaiting an answer from the TP Technical Team.

Of course, when our websites work properly, Tribal Pages is excellent value for money - and that is the case on several others I have built for my self & others - and am still building.

However, when technical problems beyond our control, prevent building a website - as is happening in the one attached to this message (- just click on any name and you will see the issue -), then the website is not fit for purpose... and I don't see why I should pay for something that I still cannot use after many unanswered complaints. I & my son, who is a Microsoft Professional, have spent hours trying to use the particular TP website attached to this message, I have also wasted so much time explaining in detail the different technical problems that have occurred... but no help has been forthcoming from Tribal Pages Support at all.

For that reason I am still asking for the website to be fixed - or for a refund of my annual Deluxe subscription for that website.

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