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  Author: Linda May Rumble  Homepage   Date: Jul 8, 10:04 AM
  In Reply To: Re:Forum Hopeless  by: Alan Scott

Hello Danny

Thanks for your response.

Please note that I have sent messages privately to Tribal Pages by those routes you have mentioned.

I will do so again, but the reason I have gone public here is that after responding to a message from Tribal Pages to Pay for my website - I did so and have not been able to use it since paying!

Also note that I have several other TP websites where I have never experienced these technical problems that I have encountered with the one linked below and I have been a paid up Member of Tribal Pages since 2004.

Next issue you raise is the search engine - I use Chrome and I know it can cause issues with eg. Music - however I do not want to use IE or any of the others, because they slow up my PC.

Again on the money issue, $48 may not seem much to some people, but if it is being paid for a Family Tree website that you cannot build on and is not fit for purpose - then it is a waste of money and deserves a refund.

You will see the problem I am encountering if you try clicking on any name on the website attached... and I have not tried to use html to alter the site in any way... there is a problem that can only be solved by technical assistance from the Tribal Pages Support person/team.

Thanks for your thoughtful reply Alan.

Kind regards,


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