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  Author: Alan Scott  Homepage   Date: Jul 7, 6:04 PM
  In Reply To: Re:Forum Hopeless  by: Fernando `Danny` Gil

Hi Danny,

You made some good points and, under the circumstances, I don't think some of the comments made in the replies, if directed at you, were warranted. However I can understand Mary's frustration that there are seldom any rumblings in Tribalpages. It would be nice if they showed some activity on more frequent occasions.

Like you say, a forum is for public debate. I must say that over the years I cannot recall, off hand, where I did not receive a reasonably quick reply if I sent a message direct to them rather than use forum. Perhaps members should try this more often. Particularly where they have a problem that concerns a matter that cannot be resolved by other members. In case other members have not noticed this, in edit, under "help" or by going to "my account" there are links to send a message direct.

One other thing I would like to mention is that there are some differences that show up in the editing of ones site depending on which search engine is used. I will not go into that here but it is worth checking this out before blaming Tribalpages.

Finally I do suggest that members give more consideration as to the subject of their enquiry or complaint. I think that if it is a matter between yourself and Tribalpages, you may find it better to send the message direct to Tribalpages, rather than through forum. You may be surprised how quickly they answer. If they don't then my advice is to consider using another family history site. Problem there is, I don't know of one that allows us to do as much ourselves as Tribalpages does and at such a low cost. Free up to US$48. Not bad for what one gets and can do with their own site. You mention this point in your message.

Best wishes,


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