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  Author: Fernando `Danny` Gil  Homepage   Date: Jul 5, 6:14 PM
  In Reply To: Re:Forum Hopeless  by: Linda May Rumble

Dear Linda May Rumble,

Sorry if my rejoinder upset you, but believe me, I wasn't singling you out particularly. I was speaking in a generalization about many of those who complain (and I admit, rightfully so in many cases) about TP, and I was only trying to show the other side of the coin, so to speak.

And I do have a tree, since 2011 with 37,008 individuals listed, and 2993 unique visitors.


Hope this link works. My previous postings somehow don't automatically show it. I believe I know the answer, and that's because my site's name is too long. Many a time, my yearly subscription payments don't get logged or acknowledged for that reason.

I do have some complaints about TP, too, but overall, I think they are doing a fair job for the money. To me, they're the easiest to use, as compared to Geni, or many of the other genealogical sites.

I agree with Les, that the Forum should be "Open" (actually re-opened to all), and TP should just be more vigilant and responsive.

Genealogy is but one of my internet hobbies, and I maintain other blogs, including being a moderator for a number of YahooGroups emailers. It isn't easy. If interested, the first Useful Link on my site will show more details about selected family trees, and the Home button is a portal to other blogs.



Related Link:https://tanjaygenealogicaldatabase.tribalpages.com/

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