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  Author: Alan Scott  Homepage   Date: Jul 5, 5:55 PM
  In Reply To: FORUMS USELESS  by: Les


Re: Forum being useless.

I agree with you, BUT, for example, if a member posts an abusive message that is reported by other members, how long will it be before it is deleted. Given the current situation that message would be open to view by all and sundry for several days. It appears that the moderator (?) in Tribalpages now only works one day per week.

Not long ago I did complain (direct to TP and not via Forum) about the wording of a posting and to give Tribalpages their dues, they deleted that message virtually immediately. If they were always that efficient the present system would be adequate as long as all forum messages were processed daily. That is not happening and it makes their business look very amateurish indeed. Any efficient business would see that and rectify a situation which makes them look a laughing stock to the general public and to members, other than those who use forum a lot. However, members who are waiting for a reply and, those who try to help, don't regard it as humorous and find that forum has now become virtually useless and a waste of time. No doubt the time I have spent typing this could have been spent better doing something else.

Anyway on a more positive note, congratulations to you and Pam on reaching your Diamond Wedding Anniversary. Also to Ted for his 92nd birthday. At least we found out that valuable information by reading Forum. Therefore its not quite totally useless.

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