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  Author: Ian Marr  Homepage   Date: Jul 5, 3:56 AM
  In Reply To: How to start the "stories" page  by: Karen Bumpus Johnson

Hi Karen,

At one end of the spectrum adding a Story is about as simple as it gets, but depending upon your level of experience (and I take the point you are a self confessed ignorant) can be very complicated and almost without limitations when it comes to setting-out and format.

So, to get you started:-

1. Firstly you must be in Edit mode (found via the main Edit item in the top Menu list)

2. In the same main menu, hover on People and select Stories from the drop down menu

3. Then click on the "Add New Story" box toward the bottom

4. From there, enter a Title and just start typing in the main information box.

5. When finished click on Save Story.

In the future when you choose Stories (as per 2. above) you will see your story/stories listed. You can edit them by clicking on their title in the list, or create a new story by following 3. onwards as above.

I won't try to teach you HTML here or show how you can link to photos, other web sites, music, videos or other people within your TP database. As you progress and become more confident, I am sure you will seek out these things when you have the need.

Of course, at any time, ask the Forum whenever you get stuck.


Ian Marr

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