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  Author: Linda May Rumble  Homepage   Date: Jul 4, 3:27 PM
  In Reply To: Re:Forum Hopeless  by: Fernando `Danny` Gil

Dear Fernando 'Danny' Gil,

I am shocked that you have the audacity to question my complaint about the very slow response of Tribal Pages - given that when I checked your link you do not seem to have a Tree at all... here's where your Name link goes...



I dug deeper and found this site with just ONE Name


& that Danny Boy took me to:


which is headed up with a web address...


My complaint to Tribal Pages was genuine & the concerns they need to address in a more timely fashion are:

1. Post our responses to other Members on this forum

2. Repair our websites that do not work at all

3. Answer our queries regarding missing information & website features.

Members cannot fix websites or give answers to any of these queries.

I am a fully Paid Up Member on both of the websites I have problems with - I have PAID for Deluxe Websites and the questions I asked were neither stupid or simple.

The one Linked here has only One Name... not by choice or design... but through the fact that it is impossible to build on it - I have had Trees here on TP since 2004 - so this is not through lack of knowledge of how to build... the SITE IS FAULTY - and ONLY Tribal Pages Technical Team can sort it out. For example - Look at Names - there are now 4, but only ONE is accessible! Where are the others?

See here:


Tribal Pages should not be charging for something that is not fit for purpose. Most of the features lead to completely Blank webpages.

Please TP sort out this website attached that has been Renamed The Rumble DNA Website or Refund My DELUXE Subscription


Thank you to Ian Marr for your support & understanding.

Related Link:https://www.tribalpages.com/tribe/browse?userid=rumblewoodford&view=76&pid=11&ver=107#

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