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  Author: Linda May Rumble  Homepage   Date: Jun 27, 2:40 PM
  In Reply To: Re:Photos  by: Ann Herd

Hello Ann,

I have used the Emailed Photos system and some Family Members have used it in the past too. Unsure if it works now.

The best way to upload your photos and other images is to:

1. Sign into EDIT mode on your website - see the bar at the top... just Click on the Edit tab and re-enter your password.

2. Go to the profile of a person that the photo or image relates on your Tree... do this using 'Family' View - see that view under the 'VIEW' tab.

3. To the Left of the Person's Profile Details - see it says 'ADD PHOTOS' - when you add photos there they will automatically be linked to that person.

4. Choose your size - Small Medium or Large

5. Go up to the upload button & click and choose the image from its destination on your computer - Double Click on the image you want to upload.

6. CLICK Upload.

7. You will be asked to wait - then after a few seconds you will see your photo and a panel on the left where you can add any details you want - Add a Title at the Top.

8. If you are adding a Group photograph - you can add more names and the image will appear on every profile Name you add to it.

9. When you have added all the information you want to attach to the image - scroll Down and Click OK.

10. Finally to get back to Family View - click on the 'VIEW' tab on the top Menu Bar & Click 'Family' View.

As always - describing a process can make it sound a lot more complicated than it actually is... but if you try & go through step by step - you will soon find that it is a much quicker way to add photographs to your website and have them in all the relevant places.

Kindest regards


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