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  Author: Linda May Rumble  Homepage   Date: Jun 27, 2:18 PM
  In Reply To: Re:Forum Hopeless  by: TPSupport

Dear TPSupport,

I am writing to you here, because I am getting no response when I add a New Query.

Please be Truthful and say in the Message we are given when we have added a Query to you on this Page....... be truthful and say that our Message will be dealt with IN A FEW DAYS OR WEEKS, rather than use that message saying you will deal with it "in a few hours".

I am still waiting.

I replied a few days ago to your brief response to the Technical Problems we are experiencing on a New Tree that we have PAID For - a Tree that we Cannot Add Names To.

See 2 Messages: Re:IMPORTANT- Cannot build on PAID site

- That is The Rumble DNA Tree

I have also replied to a Message on the Page by Ian Marr - this one - Re:Spicing up Pages ........and my Reply to Ian Marr & Les has just been sitting there for hours & hours and now for days...

There is absolutely no excuse to delay passing on Messages.... that is all you have to do with that one - it is a Message for Ian Marr & Les!

PLUS I have just posted another Message, because the Relationship Tool is not working on my other Main TP Tree - it worked this morning when I used it... but now it has disappeared... I added a Screen Shot showing the issue. Please sort it out asap. That is on this one:


Many of us are Pensioners here... our days are numbered - I have a terminal illness and I want to be able to do all I can to build my Tree for my Family during the times that I am well enough to - often I have breathing problems and cannot focus or even sit at the computer... and it is so damn frustrating to encounter these issues during those precious times I am well enough to build my Tree.

So please do all you can to quickly put these problems right and make our Genealogy Hobby a pleasure to do, rather than frustrate it by charging us for Unworkable websites and your shoddy absent Support Team system.

I have wasted so much time coming back here again & again to see if you have responded to any of the issues I have raised - so much time-wasting...



Please Hurry Up and sort out these issues that are beyond our ability to correct - Only you can correct the technical problems on our Trees.

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