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  Author: Linda May Rumble  Homepage   Date: Jun 25, 7:13 PM
  In Reply To: Re:IMPORTANT- Cannot build on PAID site  by: TPSupport

Thanks for replying TPSupport

Are you saying that I cannot have more than one Tribal Pages website open at a time?

If so, that is a disappointment, because I wanted to add only the DNA Verified Names onto the new website by copying information I have added on my Main website.

New Website is:

The Rumble DNA Tree

Location: https://rumblewoodford.tribalpages.com

Main Website is:


Location: https://p0tter.tribalpages.com

Originally we uploaded a GED File of over 1000 Names to the new website that consisted of my Son & his Partner's Tree which uploaded ok, but rather than duplicate what I am doing on the Main Website - which has most of those names anyway, we thought (as 9 of us have submitted our DNA to AncestryDNA & we are working through DNA Matching of our Ancestral Lines) we would change it to a DNA Tree.

So my son deleted the Tree and changed the Name of it

in order to start again Name by Name - and that is when we encountered this problem...

There is only one Name - not by choice - that is all we can add. Both I and my son have tried many times to add names and images, but no image will upload and Names do not appear when added - there is a technical issue with the Tree now.

I just tried it again... Logged in on Edit Mode to the new DNA Tree - Went to Tree View - absolutely nothing visible - yet as you saw, my son's name has been added.

Then I just tried again to add his Father in the Father box... All looked normal as I added his Name & Surname & Date of Birth & Place of Birth... I pressed 'SAVE' and no name was added.

The problem of being unable to add Names continues.

I also just tried to add my son's image - the photo uploaded, but was not attached to any names... which it automatically does normally when you add it on a profile... So I clicked at the names - there are now two there - my son's and his father's name... I clicked on my son's name & got...

This photo is not attached to any name.

To attach this photo to a name select a name from a list and click the "Attach" button.

Tried again to add it to both names - and got the same.

Then I clicked on OK (or Save) in an attempt to save the image anyway... and I got...

?? has no pictures.

Click the "Upload Photos" button to send one or more pictures from your computer.

Cannot Build Tree at all.

So much time wasted on this! Very, very frustrating.

Related Link:https://www.tribalpages.com/tribe/browse?userid=rumblewoodford&view=101&bview=0&randi=779065471&cpid=-1&gender=male&rolegender=1

Image Source https://www.tribalpages.com/tribe/browse?userid=rumblewoodford&view=64&mview=0&albumid=0&rand=647286917

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