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  Author: Linda May Rumble  Homepage   Date: Jun 20, 4:58 PM


- No Reply or Acknowledgement Yet - Here is what I sent:

REPORTING A PROBLEM regarding... The Rumble DNA Tree

Location: https://rumblewoodford.tribalpages.com

Deluxe Website (expires 25 Nov 2018)

- why such an early expiry when I only just paid for it?

Last Edited: Jun 12 2018

I promoted my son to be Administrator and he suggested that we change the Tree to a DNA Tree as 8 Members of our Family are all DNA Members of Ancestry and we have many Matches that we have verified to our Family Tree.

I had paid for the website, but thought it would be OK to start again, but it is now not functioning properly at all. My son Steven Anthony Rumble is the Main Name.

Names can only be seen if you type them in the box - and if you click on them the Tree does not appear... there were only 3 Names Steven's, mine and his Father - Alan Rumbles... but only Steven's name is visible on the Tree.

I added a photo of one of our DNA tree Matches to Steven's Name - but his name did not appear & when I tried to add it, it did not attach.

I added Steven's daughter Lucy's name in one of the 5 boxes below his Name (he only has one child), but it does not appear on the Tree either - but now appears on the Name List.

I added another DNA Photo Tree of Steve & his daughter... there Names were on the Name list, but again, when I tried I could not add either of their names.

Click on Tree and you see a Tree with only one Name - Steven and although his parents and daughter are on the list... they do not appear.

Please can you sort it out or preferably we could start a new tree to prevent any further issues - which could be called...

Rumble DNA Tree


Hopefully the subscription I paid can be added to the new Tree.

I look forward to your response asap.

My son has since tried several times to add names by same issue - Please sort it out for us - or give a Refund.


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