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  Author: Doyle Duncan   Date: Jun 11, 8:50 AM
  In Reply To: Full view of entire tree  by: Audrey

There is no way of dong what you want that I know of. Keep in mind I am not TP, just a member like you. Maybe there is a way that I am not aware of.

But this may help.

On the home page on the tool bar at top click on people and on the drop down menu choose the second one (Name index)

Open name index it will have every name you have on your tree, with life span, spouse name, marriage date & name of parents

There are two views Basic & Detailed. I personally use the (Detailed View) this one has the born died place that the other view doesn’t give.

After clicking on a person of your choice, a page will appear with their name, facts etc; In the upper right corner is a box where you can choose different views. Family, Tree, Ancestors, Descendants, Kin, Report, Photo or Relationship View. Make your choice of View and then click go and it will open to the view you chose.. When finished just click back arrow and it will take you back to all your names. Then you can chose other names to view.

Note: I realize this is not exactly what you are looking for but I use this a lot. I believe you will find it useful. The only other choice is go to home page and on tool bar at top click on View a drop down menu will appear choose Tree View this give you whole tree but you have to click and stroll your way through it.

You may be already aware of most of these but sometimes they are very helpful to me. Hope this helps you in some way


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