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  Author: Fernando `Danny` Gil  Homepage   Date: May 16, 4:52 AM
  In Reply To: Re:Spliting tree  by: Doyle Duncan

Hello Doyle. You might want to try this.

Download the Gedcom file into your home computer. If you have a respectable genealogical software, it should be able to generate an "outline tree" of say the paternal side of your family. Then convert that smaller file into Gedcom, and upload to TP. Then do the same for the maternal side.

I also have Roots Magic but am not sure if it can do that. I prefer using an old version of Family Tree Maker (FTW) as my workhorse software. I don't know about transferring notes since my massive database, with multiple trees, is devoid of any, as it is designed mainly for relational purposes.

For selected family trees, I post them separately on a different site, with notes and acknowledgements:


All those PDFs therein were generated by FTW by just a few clicks of the mouse, except for the Indexes, wherein I use a simple filtering technique.

Roots Magic does a similar thing, with automatic indexing, but I find it inferior.

Hope this helps.


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