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  Author: Ian Marr  Homepage   Date: Apr 15, 5:00 AM

All of a sudden a lot of my media files (a.k.a Other media, such as PDF documents) have gone missing. When I try to access them from either the person view or by clicking on them in the list of media files, I am getting the "404 Not Found" error message.

https://www.tribalpages.com/tpdocs/marrwatts_2069.pdf is an example of one that has disappeared (and, NO, I have not deleted any of them myself). As you will see, when I put it in as a related image, the link shows up as being broken.

TP, where are they? Please.

Will take a LOT of time and effort if I have to get them back (should have left them on Skydrive from where I was originally loading them into the TP pages)


Ian Marr

Related Link:https://www.tribalpages.com/tpdocs/marrwatts_2069.pdf

Image Source https://www.tribalpages.com/tpdocs/marrwatts_2069.pdf

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