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  Author: Les  Homepage   Date: Mar 13, 10:56 AM
  In Reply To: Losing my Patience TP ....  by: Ian Marr

Alan posted the following but has not mentioned anything about Ian posting , which clearly would break these Rules

I hope it never gets to the stage where Tribalpages institute a set of rules, for accepting postings, like, or similar to other organizations. See link below

Related Link:https://www.stuff.co.nz/about-stuff/87006221/terms-and-conditions-user-submitted-content-and-comments

Ian Posted

They, those b****ds at TP have done it again.

A very p****d off

Ian Marr

I can understand that Ian is trying to prove that the MODERATOR is not doing HIS/HER job, otherwise if they were ,this message should have been taken down immediately. But it leaves Ian , as if this his way of talking , Which I know is not the case.

He was just trying to prove a point

Alan and Ian , I made such a simple suggestion that if a FLAG was put alongside Entries that anyone can select, if they thought the entry inappropriate, which would change COLOUR when selected and also give a TIME countdown.

This would advise the MODERATOR that something was amiss, and from our point show how long it does take the MODERATOR to read entries.

Nothing else needs altering.

Just add a Flag



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