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  Author: Les  Homepage   Date: Mar 11, 7:17 AM
  In Reply To: Re:To Alan  by: Alan Scott

Hi thanks for the kind words.

Yes I will drop in and see the Video, although ONCE SEEN NEVER FORGOTTEN

After I had my Hip Replacement last year, I have been having trouble with my Shoulders ( constant Pain ) and I had been having Cortisone Injections. Supposedly on a regular basis. Doctor has been hit and miss Once a year instead of every three months

I had snapped both Tendons since 2012.

The shoulders have been giving me constant pain, and I find it difficult to lift my Arms to Eat also to Keyboard, so frustrating.

Now I find I have to have both Shoulders as complete Replacement. I go for premed on this coming Tuesday.

As for TP I have not done a lot as with my WELCOME HELPFUL site I am inundated with e-mails, as mostly on the FORUM it is to do with adding from one his than I , so I leave well alone.

What I can see here though is that these people Join Trees , and do not spend enough time reading the Program and Menus, to understand, and they ask for Help too quickly.

All the best


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