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  Author: Les Les  Homepage   Date: Mar 10, 5:08 PM
  In Reply To: Re:Secret Message Senders  by: Ian Marr

Hi Ian,

I and others used to use this in 2003 and maybe that is why you had not come across it Possibly as you say it is my memory.

In those days TP was just a basic Family Tree with nothing like it is today.

Forum was used more than it is now by lots of Members, and I was the first to add HTML. Members wanted to know how to do tis, So obviously I started to on FORUM.

As possibly you can realise this took a lot of Forum so to let Members know I started to not put my Name which Members at that time knew was a HTML Forum Entry by me and also was e-mailing them.

Over the years not using the Name has and does crop up, but as I mentioned WE DO NOT REALLY KNOW who is the PERSON Named in any Forum entry, so is it just like any other Fotum Entry.

It is not really neccessary to Say Hello NAMr a Good Morning etc will suffice.

By the way your Entry below seemed to go further than mine regarding the CORRECT BEHAVIOUR on T P FORUM.


contain offensive language (including use of symbols);


contain offensive language (including use of symbols);

Not very nice is it



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