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  Author: Alan Scott  Homepage   Date: Mar 10, 4:33 PM
  In Reply To: To Alan  by: Les

Hi Les,

My garden has done very well this summer. There is a short video on my home page. All Members are welcome to have a look and comment if they wish. Suggestions for improvements for next year are welcome.

I don't agree with your last sentence. A Forum should be open to all members to comment on any message that appears. If any other member wants to comment on what I say in this message, they are welcome.

If you want to send a personal and private message this can be done other ways. For example via the link in the top section of a home page. Tribalpages, apart from only allowing tree administrators to participate in Forum could find some way to ensure the site https etc is shown to allow for personal and private messages. Also some way for the tree administrator to turn this feature on or off,

and/or block a sender if this is being abused.

I think of Forum as open to all members to comment on anything raised. Here is one meaning from a dictionary.

"A website or section of a website that is used for public discussion of a specific topic and on which users can submit or read messages"


If you have something secretive to say - do it direct and not through Forum. I stand behind any comment I make in Forum and don't delete my name from messages as some unknown person did to me recently. If anyone answers one of my messages and infers I am ignorant I hope that they would front up fully and put a name to their message. I most certainly would do so myself.

Take it easy Les. I noted in a recent message that you had not been well. I have told you in the past that there are more important things in life than Tribalpages Forum.

Best wishes,


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