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  Author: Ian Marr  Homepage   Date: Mar 9, 9:09 PM
  In Reply To: Re:Secret Message Senders  by: Les

Hi Les,

As another long-standing TP member, I must take issue with you over people failing to identify themselves.

You say:

"If others read the messages ( Which they are entitled too)The normal practice is leave well alone. In fact it is not courteous to READ or JOIN in.

As a long standing Member ofTP14 years, this has always been the case."

Who says this is "the normal practice" and "this has always been the case."? I suggest that that attitude exists only in your mind. As a long standing TP member, I've never heard of it.

To the contrary, I consider that anonymity in such things as a TP Message Board is rude and ignorant. How does one avoid reading a message, when you see it there in front of you? "Oh, this is from some rude person, so I won't read it!" or oops, this rude person makes a good point and I have information that may assist, "but I won't bother to join in the conversation." That's just plain silly.

When there is no sender name how do I address them if I do get involved? In this message I opened with "Hi Les", in their case what do I say: nothing, "Hi ?" Hello ?" or something similar.

TP is supposedly vetting all messages to remove any offensive or inappropriate messages. They should include the removal of anonymous senders.


Ian Marr

(who makes sure you always know who you are talking to).

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