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  Author: Les  Homepage   Date: Mar 9, 3:12 PM
  In Reply To: Secret Message Senders  by: Ian Marr

Hi Ian, this facility has always been there, and as long as it does not infringe any rules, so it should.

Take you and I . I take it in good faith that you are IAN MARR

and that we have never met, and yet, you could be a neighbour of mine such as OLIVIER JONES SPINSTER.

Otherwise you could have a large Family, who all have Access to your IAN MARR. How do I know.

The main Reason of not putting you Name or as you state A Secret Message Sender is that usually these are specific messages to a specific person. This then usually makes a short FORUM REPARTEE..

If others read the messages ( Which they are entitled too)The normal practice is leave well alone. In fact it is not courteous to READ or JOIN in.

As a long standing Member ofTP14 years, this has always been the case.

Whether you put a NOM DE PLUME or YOUR NAME ( IS IT ?) As long as there is no abuse, but possibly HELP FOR the person

does it matter.

Also gives those who want to read othes mail somethingto do.



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