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  Author: Alan Scott  Homepage   Date: Mar 8, 11:15 PM
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To Unknown Author,

I have just read your replies again and while I don't want to waste more of your time, as well as my own, on this subject, I am wondering if you understood what I was getting at when I said the back button is not working.

I probably should not have just used the words "not working" More correct to say it was "not working in Edge as was expected for editing purposes". The button is working but the problem is what happens next. Not the fault of the button but, I guess, but some difference in the program. In EDGE instead of allowing editing of the message the message is totally deleted.

When you go to "preview" Tribalpages state "to make corrections use the back button in your browser".

That is fine using Chrome and IE but with Edge you end up having to retype the complete message again.

Have I explained that better. I am not at all concerned. I know to save the message before going to "preview" Other members might not and they will have to retype the complete message. However with Edge they will learn to save first as I now do.

You may not use Edge so cannot reproduce what I have said. If you do have a go and see if the same happens in your computer. Going to preview and using the back button in Chrome and IE work perfectly. Exactly as they have always done.

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