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  Author: Alan Scott  Homepage   Date: Mar 4, 4:23 PM

Personally I have no objection to Tribalpages Censoring Forum postings before they appear, in accordance with the "Related Link" as below. If this is going to be done however, it obviously should be done reasonably quickly, sensibly and efficiently. Recently it has been shown that replies to previously accepted and printed messages are NOT being Censored before appearing. They can be seen immediately after sending by clicking the already printed posting. This fault in the system bypasses what we were told. That is, all would be Censored before appearing.

Secondly it should not take any efficient business two or three days to censor postings.

Thirdly, if Tribalpages decide a message is not going to be accepted they should contact the MEMBER privately and explain why. No delays do this quickly. This gives the sender an early opportunity to rephrase his/her message.

Any efficient business would cover these matters on a daily basis, not every second or third day,

We don't need systems like flags and Members deciding whether or not to accept messages. While over the years there has been two or three members who have pushed their idea's aggressively and got close to using language that some may have considered insulting there have, to my knowledge, not been any major incidences. Disagreements have been resolved or discussions concluded by one method or another without matters getting totally out of hand in Forum.

Posting messages in Forum should and can be a simple matter. All we need is a Company who gets on with the job everyday. At least we have not seen the advertising that appeared in Forum before the Censoring system commenced. That is one good point for the current Censoring system.

Over to you Tribalpages. It should not be a difficult task for you to fix the problems that have caused Members to complain. Surely you must be aware of the value that Forum has provided for your Company. Les and other members, over the years, have done more openly, to provide information and fix problems for Members than has Tribalpages itself.

Related Link:https://www.tribalpages.com/tribe/forum?f=3&v=1&mid=82332&rid=82332

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