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  Author: Alan Scott  Homepage   Date: Feb 28, 3:11 PM
  In Reply To: Re:Forum is Sub-standard  by: Pauline Young

Thanks for your reply Pauline. From what you say it appears that anyone, through knowledge or by accident, can see a REPLY message (together with the first posting), before it appears on the main board. This can be done from the time it is sent. (reference my reply to Ian). Therefore the reply message is NOT being censured by Tribalpages before it appears. I doubt if any one would be working at Tribalpages at 1.53 am. Reference one of my reply messages. If they were it should not take two or more days for the first message on a subject to appear in Forum.

TO TRIBALPAGES MANAGEMENT - Time to get Forum working properly. Surely messages can be properly censured each working day and messages that come through that day, appearing fully on all parts of forum, that same day.

I presume that Tibalpages do have someone working there at least five days a week. ??. Although one wonders about that given the delays.

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