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  Author: Les  Homepage   Date: Feb 28, 5:50 AM
  In Reply To: Forum is Sub-standard  by: Ian Marr

Hi Ian, as you know I brought this up with TP as soon as they mentioned what they intended to do.

The MAIN POINT is that their MODERATOR is not conversant with the points raised by a Member, so in his/her wisdom (Moderator), does not see any urgency.

I had and apology from TP regarding the wait, but obviously this is/was not the answer.

What brought this issue about, is the lack of knowledge of certain members, to understand a Forum issue, and they keep on and on in the FORUM entry, making it so lengthy that TP thought that there was an argument. Again if TP had a person who understood, they would have seen that this was one sided , by reason of lack of knowledge and not wanting to believe that they were wrong.

We did have a period where they did not come back on the Forum, but alas not to be



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