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  Author: Alan Scott  Homepage   Date: Feb 26, 5:47 PM
  In Reply To: Re:Forum is Sub-standard  by: Alan Scott

I will add to my previous message (sent 1.53am USA time 26th Feb.) which does not, as yet, show up on the Forum main board 1 full working day after it was sent. ( 5.15pm Monday 26th Feb NY time as I write this)

I found immediately after sending my 1.53am message, that if I clicked on Ian's message my reply showed up below his message. Yet my reply did not show on the main board. I wondered if other members could view my message that way even though it did not, at that time, appear on the main board. Or, is it, that only the sender and the person to whom it is being sent are the only members who can view the reply (by clicking on message 1) until such time as it officially appears on the main board.

Perhaps Tribalpages could enlighten us as far as that is concerned. . Maybe Tribalpages could see their way clear to fully explain what they are trying to do and achieve. That is, if they know themselves.

Sorry if it appears confusing to you, but I have found it difficult to make it clear what I am trying to explain. I do not know what other members can or cannot see in this situation. I know that Ian could access my reply by clicking on his message ev

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